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We believe that great companies stem from great employees. With our fabulous staff running the show, we’re confident that you’ll get great products and the best service every time you use vepox filter. Learn more about our fabulous team below.




Samuel Muyita is the Vepox filter Team Leader / CEO . He has broad knowledge in the field of public health engineering and good at integrating it with innovative creativity to create brilliant solutions. He’s very alert to anything that concerns human health, especially in
providing safe drinking water to humanity.


Aturinda Marvin Daniel

Chief Technical Officer

Aturinda Marvin Daniel is the Vepox Filter Chief Technical Officer. Skilled with wide knowledge in the mechanical engineering field and capable of integrating it with any available problem to create peculiar designs for products. He’s skilled in simulation software like Simflow, Solid Edge and Solid works.


Ninsiima Julius

General Manager

Ninsiima Julius is the Vepox Filter General Manager with a very creative and intuitive mind in idealizing and prototyping projects using software like AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Autodesk inventor. He also has a creative sight in business aiming developing new ideas and to scale them into reality. He has interest in promoting and contributing to SDGs through advocating for good policies and proper intervention that can contribute to water resource management in the face of climate change.

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