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Your Number one Safe drinking water solution

We are here for you!

We care about the safety of your drinking water and we have a solution for you. It's the filter you need to have the water you deserve.

With an accelerated purification process, you will have your water ready in a few minutes!

Every Life Matters

To us, every heart and every life counts. That"s why we are here, to give you the solution to your drinking water problem!

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We are an enterprise with a

focus on drinking water solutions across the globe. We use highly efficient but natural materials for water purification making our solution culturally sustainable and also environmentally sustainable. Our Climate impact is certified by the Climate KIC validation partner and we are saving 145,000 trees by our 5th year.

What about the taste?

Vepox filter is the answer. With our solution tailor-made not to leave out anything unsolved, the water from our filter removes every taste and gives water a fresh natural taste that everyone desires. The microbes used in our filter media will work for you to give you

the most memorable taste of water.

Our water filters remove all the microbial contaminants in water such as Bacteria, Protozoa, and all disease-causing contaminants in water. Not leaving out its ability to remove chemical contaminants in water such as Nitrates, Chlorine, water hardness (Calcium Carbonate), Arsenic, lead, and many other contaminants that may pose risk to human health.

Our filters have been optimized it to work

perfectly in all ecosystems in Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and Asia.


Changing lives one by one!


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